Ganbare Nippon (Kiosk 2011年3月11日)

“It’s too soon to say, with us still facing the threat of nuclear reactors, but perhaps, eventually, this sense of crisis will be the push to the back of many Japanese, and we will regain the strength of the sixties and seventies, when we had a concrete goal. So no doubt our economy will slip down, but then we may bounce back.” Yoichi Funabashi

The moment the tsunami hit Japan, Al Jazeera
Shinjuku: tańczące wieżowce, YouTube
Citizen Videos of the Earthquake
Tsunami of Tohoku Earthquake Before Wrecking the Coast, YouTube
Before & After (foto), ABC News
Small Things + Big Things (foto)
Japan Quake Map (animacja)
Aftershocks, New Yorker
NHK Fukushima Diorama, IZReloaded
Cesarza Akihito pierwsze przemówienie telewizyjne (bez tłumaczenia), NHK
You Can Stop Worrying About A Radiation Disaster In Japan – Here’s Why, MIT
Why I’m not fleeing Japan, Washington Post
What you can do in your own home, Japan Times
What the world thinks of Japan’s crisis, Guardian
Bulgaria offering Shelter to Japanese Earthquake Victims, Global Voice
Kupują płyn Lugola? Niech się nim oblewają, będzie śmiesznie, MMTrójmiasto
Calamity also offers a stricken Japan the possibility of a rebirth, Yale Global
Some Perspective On The Japan Earthquake, MicroISV
If We Built a Safer Nuclear Reactor, How Would We Know?, The Atlantic
Murky past of Japan’s troubled nuclear industry, Independent
Libia vs Japonia (foto)
Journalist Wall of Shame
The Japanese road repaired SIX days (foto), Daily Mail
Back to normal (foto)
New Obsession Sweeps Japan: Self-Restraint, New York Times
Letters from Fukushima: Tepco Worker Emails, WSJ
Map of the Damage, NYT
Why I Stayed, New Yorker
The Day Journalists Run, Neojapanisme
Handwritten Newspapers From Ravaged Japan at Newseum, Newseum


Ganbare Nippon (foto), AltJapan

New Obsession Sweeps Japan: Self-RestraintNew Obsession Sweeps Japan: Self-Restraint

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