Best Music Writing 2010

Znamy już zawartość tegorocznego „Best Music Writing” (wybiera Ann Powers), a część znaliśmy wcześniej.

Wiem, psuję rynek.

MICHELLE TEA – The Gossip Takes Paris – The Believer (fragment)

GREG TATE – Michael Jackson: The Man in Our Mirror – The Village Voice

JASON KING – Michael Jackson: An Appreciation of His Talent – Passed the Curve

SASHA FRERE-JONES – Living on the Radio: The-Dream is Everywhere – The New Yorker

CHRISTOPHER R. WEINGARTEN – Twitter & The Death of Rock Criticism – The 140 Characters Conference

ERIKA VILLANI – On “Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys—Empire State of Mind – The Singles Jukebox

MAURA JOHNSTON – Kanye West: Back to Reality? – Idolator

HUA HSU – The End of White America? – The Atlantic

ROBERT CHRISTGAU – Paisley’s Progress – Barnes & Noble Review

JOSH KUN – Mexican Bands Hear Success Calling – The New York Times

GEOFFREY HIMES – BeauSoleil: Beau Brothers – OffBeat

RANDALL ROBERTS – On the Road to Burma: Globetrotting with Ozomatli – LA Weekly

JESSICA HOPPER – The Passion of David Bazan – Chicago Reader

NITSUH ABEBE – The Decade in Indie – Pitchfork

TIMOTHY QUIRK – My Hilarious Warner Bros. Royalty Statement – Too Much Joy

EVIE NAGY – Biscuits and Jam With a Side of Mud – Billboard

PHILIP S. BRYANT – Stompin’ at The Grand Terrace: Excerpts from a Jazz Memoir in Verse – Utne Reader


BARRY WALTERS – The Revolution Will Be Harmonized – Out

AARON LEITKO – The Orange Line Revolution – Washington City Paper

EUGENE HOLLEY, JR. – One on One with Maria Schneider – PMP

MARK SWED – Conducting 101 – Los Angeles Times

LOLA OGUNNAIKE – Drake: Rookie of the Year – Vibe

PHILLIP MLYNAR – 50 Cent: One Dethroned King Out to Reclaim His Crown – Hip Hop Connection

GREG PRATT – Regret, Divorce, Compromise – Monday Magazine

JASON FINE – The Fighter: The Life and Times of Merle Haggard – Rolling Stone

CHRIS WILLMAN – A Very Dylan Christmas – New York Magazine

NIKKI DARLING – Appropriate for Destruction – Live from the Penis Gallery

JON CARAMANICA – Help from His Friends: The Return of a Fallen Idol – The New York Times

RAQUEL CEPEDA – Another Love TKO: Teens Grapple with Rihanna vs. Chris Brown – The Village Voice

SEAN NELSON – Let’s (Not) Get It On – The Stranger

MARY GAITSKILL – Lady Gaga in Hell – Ryeberg Curated Video

CHRIS ESTEY – Phil Ochs Greatest Hits – Get Well

TAVIA NYONG’O – Adam’s Return – Bully Bloggers

ALEX ROSS – Voice of the Century: Celebrating Marian Anderson – The New Yorker

JODY ROSEN – Vanishing Act: In Search of Eva Tanguay, the First Rock Star – Slate


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  1. Pablo Renato pisze:

    Mam nadzieję, że zima będzie długa:)

    Na razie obejrzałem tylko Weingartena. Niepotrzebnie narzeka, że nie będzie miał roboty jako krytyk. Znajdzie ją jako komik, bo ma do tego cholerny talent.

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